About Us

A leading packaging company that specialises in disposable packaging for the food services and hospitabilty industries. We manufacture and also work with our OEM suppliers to develop and offer a wide range of plastic disposable products for these industries. Other than that, we also supply packing tape, machine stretch film, and hand wrap stretch filem. In recent years, our key main focus has been to evolve our range into a more eco friendly packaging alternatives using PLA and Bagass. We also have strategic alliance with major paper packaging companies and provide sourcing and consolidation services for oversea customers.


We aim to be the preferred one stop supplier for a wide range of your packaging needs by offering our sourcing & QC services and container consolidation for oversea customers. With the range of our products together with other disposable products from our OEM and strategic paper product manufacturers, we are able to consolidate a variety of disposable packaging products in one mix container. This will enable you to manage your cash flow more effectively by ordering a mix of smaller order quantity of each item to suit your periodic requirements.

In addition to the above services, we also offer our packagiing customisation in terms of product designs and printing for cups, paper food boxes and shopping bags.

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